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Edible Glaze (High Gloss) by Robert Haynes, 1000ml

Edible Glaze (High Gloss) by Robert Haynes, 1000ml

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Ingredient Type: Vegetarian
Storage Instructions: Do not expose to temperature above 40 C. Store away from direct sunlight and heat.
Ingredients: i-PA, Shellac, Glycerin.



Robert predominantly glazes every sugar item he makes… the reason being is that by completely immersing your wired finished petals and foliage, the glaze blends the edible dusting colours beautifully together creating an extremely natural finish. Robert also can claim that glazing forms a barrier and protects against humidity.

If you used the steaming method to set the edible dust colours on the surface of the sugar petals, steaming only sets the colours in place… if you perhaps were steaming the centre of a finished coloured rose, the steam wouldn’t penetrate completely inside all the gaps so leaving some areas unsteamed and areas of loose coloured dust. If displaying steamed flowers onto a light-coloured cake surface be aware of loose coloured dust particles spoiling the surface!... Fully glazed items are completely colour touch free.

Robert completely immerses his foliage, fruit, berries etc into the high gloss setting glaze, which adds that very subtle professional high gloss finish. After dipping into the glaze gently spin off the excess then leave to dry. Perfect for finishing off foliage which has a high gloss finished sheen. For very shiny items for example Blackberries, Anthurium spathe or Rugosa rosehips double dipping is advised

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