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Floral Expert Kit by Ashwini Milind Tupe

Floral Expert Kit by Ashwini Milind Tupe

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Ingredient Type: Vegetarian
Ingredients: (1) Flower Paste - Corn Starch, Suga, Corn Syrup, Potato Starch, Ti02, Veg. Oil, Cocoa Butter, Glycerin, Cmc, Gum Arabic, Water, Potassium Sorbate, Artificial Sweeteners and Flavours, One Or More Food Colors. (2) Edible Petal Dust - Titanium Dioxide (E171), One or more of Dye salts, Dextrose



Hello Bakers

Myself Ashwini Milind Tupe from Ashwini's Boutique Cakes

I'm an Award winning Sugarflorist

Sugarin brings to you a thoughtfully packed Floral Expert Kit & help you make those beautiful handcrafted Sugarflowers - now available on the Amazon & Sugarin Website

Herein are the details of the Floral Expert Kit which is a must have for every baker 

Chefs Choice Combo
{ for Sugarflowers}

▪️ Sugarin Flower Paste
White 225 gms
Green 75 gms

▪️ Sugarin Edible Petal Dust

▪︎Fuschia ▪︎Ruby ▪︎Yellow
▪︎Aubergine▪︎ Kiwi ▪︎
Hunters Green ▪︎White ▪︎

▪️ Edible Glue 40 gms
▪️ Edible Glaze 25 gms
▪️ Bakers Spirit 25 gms

As you know Sugarin has a wide product range & this is my favorite user friendly combo to achieve the best results for making Sugarflowers

So hurry up & place your orders on Amazon & the Sugarin Website for the  Floral Expert Kit
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